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Village house for sale in Polop - Spain Costa Blanca | 399.000 € | 400 m2 Build | CLDX4309

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Village house for sale in Polop - Spain Costa Blanca | 399.000 € | 400 m2 Build | CLDX4309

This fully restored century old house is in the quiet centre of the picturesque town of Polop de la Marina. Just ten minutes from the coast (Benidorm, Altea), but still with the atmosphere of a typical spanish village. This house was refurbished by the family of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. The house measures more than 400 square meters, including terrace and garden, and has many possibilities. The main floor has a big open space with the living room, dinner room and open kitchen. The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, terrace, big entrance hall, garden with a old fig tree, study, four store rooms (one for the central heating). We have maintained the original atmosphere and materials of the house while opening up the space to let in the light and we have modernized all electricity and plumbing systems. The kitchen and the bathrooms are all new and fitted with all the modern appliances you may need. From the kitchen top you have a splendid view over the old town, Altea and the Mediterranean sea.
Top Floor: The main living area has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a beautiful terrace with enough room to receive all your visits and spend summer under the shadow of the ivy. There is an separate office or study with great lighting from the garden. The main bathroom was renewed completely with tropical luxury wood top and details.
Garden (Patio): Descending to the lower floor, there is a private garden with an old fig that produces abundant fruits in August and September. Also, the are three storage rooms accessible from the garden. This garden has a lot of privacy and is a delight in the summer.
Apartment: The lower floor can be used as a separate apartment with its own entrance to the street, its own kitchen and its bathroom. The apartment can be used to receive visitors (and give them some privacy) or to rent out. We have been renting the apartment via AirBnb and got enough income.

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