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Finca for sale in Valencia - Spain Costa Blanca | 833.000 € | 500 m2 Build | CLDX4095

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Finca for sale in Valencia - Spain Costa Blanca | 833.000 € | 500 m2 Build | CLDX4095

An old restored castle / restaurant / wedding venue is for sale in Terrateig, Valencia. Called 'Palau de Terrateig' or 'Cucalò Palace' which dates back to the 9th century. First in the hands of Christians and later during the Arab expansion, became lord and master caudillo Arab Al Azraq, who destined the palace for noble and knights' use and for oil and cereal storage. It now comprises: heavy wood doors lead into a covered patio with store off one side and open courtyard with access into a large hall with inglenook fireplace and bar which leads out to the terrace and garden, his/her toilets,industrial-retro style fully equiped kitchen which was used efficiently when Palau was open as a restaurant, as it was up until a short while ago. The kitchen leads to an inner sanctum, known as the gallery which also leads out to the terrace or up to the bedrooms. There are two upper levels offering a total of 5 double bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, including 2 en-suites. This restaurant / home has been tastefully restored with the use of unique building materials, retrieved from all sorts of different buildings both in the UK and Spain. Al Azraq dominated much of the region until Jaume I took part in the conquest, of what would later became the Kingdom of Valencia, expelling the noble leader Al Azraq and dispossing him of land and property. In the 12th century, specifically in the year 1353, Pedro IV of Aragon granted the title of Baron Guillem Bellvis, thus creating the first and oldest baronia force today. 'El Palau', as it's called today means 'The Palace' in Catalan, is a beautiful building that exudes history and magic of the past and makes it seem that time stands still. Rather than describe this castle / restaurant for sale in Terrateig, Valencia, I refer you to look at the photographs, or better still - visit and experience the sensations for yourself.

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